We all know {or now know} that eating healthy plays a huge role in looking lean. In addition to eating a healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner, it’s very important to keep your snacks, just as healthy. Eating a bag of chips, drinking a soda, or eating a oreo (or two or three) in between meals will sneak up on you! Not to mention they are empty calories. There are endless options when choosing a better snack. Here are my 10 favorite snacks, to keep you on track.

1. 1 cup organic plain fat-free yogurt-topped with silvered almonds, small drizzle of agave nectar, and cinnamon. {great for breakfast too with coffee or green tea}. Picture showed above.

  • A couple more options: Top yogurt with your choice of fruit (I love blackberries in mine) or with different nuts like brazil nuts or pecans with a little bit of brown sugar
2. Cucumber slices in vinegar with sea salt and pepper. You can easily throw your cucumbers in a zip-lock bag and bring with you when you’re out and about or at work.
  • A couple more options :cucumbers with cherry tomatoes or cucumbers with olives and onion. 
3. Baby Carrots, cucumber slices, and/or celery sticks with humus. In the beginning of the week you can throw all these vegetables in a zip lock bag and put some humus in a tupperware, an easy and delicious go-to-snack.
4. Wheat pita bread slices with humus and kalamata olives.
5. Tazo organic chai tea latte (buy the concentrate and make with skim milk)
6.Fruit! Pack some blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, watermelon, kiwi, mango,an apple, or whatever your heart desires in a zip lock bag to carry with you.
7. Apple slivers with organic natural peanut butter or almond butter.
8. Whole raw almonds. (Pack 12 raw almonds in a zip lock bag for on the go.)
9. Brazil nuts..are delicious! (Pack 6 nuts with you in a zip lock bag for on the go.)
10. A cup of chocolate skim milk.
What are your favorite skinny snacks? Feel free to comment below!
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